Thursday, December 20, 2012

Anna and Léon

Don't you just love those completely surreal discussions/arguments little kids have? Today's little gem in the car went something like this:

Anna: Before flying reindeer were discovered, Santa used to use huskie dogs.
Léon: No he didn't, Santa always had flying reindeer.
Anna: He definitely used huskies, I've seen it on the telly!
Léon: No he didn't. If Santa existed he would definitely only ever have used flying reindeer because they are cooler and otherwise, what would Rudolph do all day?
Anna: I know he is imaginary but if he wasn't he would definitely have used huskies in the olden days!!!
Léon: No he wouldn't!
Anna: Yes he would!
Anna and Léon: Muuuuuuum!!!!!

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