Friday, July 17, 2009


Maybe I'm getting to be grumpy and middle-aged but I just can't abide kids' telly presenters.
Normally they aren't a race I encounter. Marcel is on holiday this week. Given he's our resident TV addict, the TV usually fluctuates between episodes of The Bill and the Chart Show, so no need to have them in you face there.
Poor Bits has been a tad lonely with her siblings off on holiday with their dad so I've turned on cbeebies occasionally. It's torture - by half an hour in I want to strangle these overenthusiastic, leering loonies with their hair in bunches or their fixed grins. I'm surprised they don't scare little kids with their love of everything. They certainly aren't preparing the poor buggers for the reality of adults on the outside world who won't spend hours enthusing about some squiggle they've done or some noise they've made. Life really isn't that much fun! They should all be banished to some faraway island and real adults could be put in charge of kids' entertainment - I think that'd be much less stressful to watch!

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The Scudder said...

Yep, you're beecoming a GRUMPY old woman !
Iggle-piggle is great ! Well ok, quite good ?,, aye right ,, it's shite .,., I agree .,., but I'm at least old enough to be a GRUMP !