Thursday, July 09, 2009


What are they gibbering about? Here is a draft proposal for a very radical new way to approach higher education.... eh???? Except it is the system I went through uni with in the late 80s!!! Good old Maggie phased out students grants in my 2nd year at Glasgow uni and a student loan was a new-age idea that hadn't yet been invented. My God - who would think of lending students real money? - they'd just drink it away! We we lucky if they let us have a current account and cheque book back then! We had no fees to pay but no loans, no grants and no bursaries. We had to live at home if possible because paying for accommodation was more or less impossible unless your family was well off and when you had to live abroad for several terms you simply had to work to pay your accommodation. You left uni with a degree and no debt though you may have spent many evenings on beans on toast or sleeping on a friend's floor for want of some money. So where's the 'radical'?

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