Sunday, July 05, 2009


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When I had Marcel and Lots I lived in the West End which meant my local maternity hospital was the Queen Mother's maternity in Yorkhill. I got to know the staff and helped out with the Breast Feeding workshops and knew my way around so it was only natural that I transferred there for both Léon and Anna despite no longer living in the catchment... that and my doc's quote that he wouldn't book his dog into the Southern, which was the alternative! As you may have seen on Facebook last week, I announced that Thomas and I have been crazy enough to order baby number 5! On finding out I was pregnant, my first reaction (well after realizing that being 4 weeks pregnant 10 days after your husband tries opening his own business in the middle of a dire recession isn't maybe the best timing) was to wonder when the QMH closes for good as I knew it was being shut down. No one seemed to know for sure so my doctor sent in a booking request on the off chance and I went in last Wednesday to find out that it closes on January 12 2010. Just as well the scan gave me a due date of January 9 2010 then, no? I wonder if there will be any staff (or power) left when I go in to have number 5?!

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