Sunday, July 12, 2009


My facebook buddies will have seen that things were starting to fall apart around us last week. In no particular order: the handle snapped off the freezer (a new one is £15 minus P&P), the kitchen radio stopped working, the dishwasher lost its ability to clean dishes, my touchpad scroller on my computer died and when I tried downloading a fix for that it killed off the 'Compare and Merge' programme I use for much of my work, the drain outside the kitchen window blocked and the brush Thomas bought to clean it got stuck down the hole leaving us with no alternative but to remove the concrete, the monblocking and the top half of the drain from under the ground (so we now have out the brush but the drain is still blocked and stinking), Charlotte's computer then broke half way through a system update (but fortunately she's on holiday with her Dad this week so she doesn't know yet!), the zip snapped on the armchair cushion, the zip also snapped on my jacket last night, a warning light started beeping and flashing in my car telling me something wasn't working but I can't find it in the handbook so will need to go have that checked at the garage, and the hot water broke down (but I managed to find the valve to repressurize the central heating system)... I think that was all! It hasn't been the best of week's - has it?

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