Friday, July 03, 2009


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Readers of Thomas's blog will know he has a wee bit of a thing about metric time. Sure, it'd be easier to count and calculate but if we can't even get the UK to adopt easy-peasy kilos and kilometres then metric time is just too far out for us I'm afraid. Interestingly though, I was driving somewhere with Charlotte last week with her sitting beside me in the front of the car. She looked at the dashboard where my clock read 15-30. She looked surprised and exclaimed something about not realizing it was already 5-30, then correcting herself she said, Oh it's only 3-30, isn't it? What we really need is time to be counted in tens mum, that'd be much more sensible! So independently of Thomas's wacko ideas, the youth of today, or the weirdo nerd youth at least, is following exactly the same thought patterns. Maybe metric time will catch on despite my doubts.

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The Scudder said...

It disnae count when your we'ans live with the nerd time machine man !