Thursday, July 16, 2009


Being a big flickrer, I have been noticing and admiring HDR photography all over the place for about a year now. The only thing I didn't know was how to do it! I googled it and found all sorts of obscure references to super-imposing photos taken up to 4 stops apart and manipulating them computationally, or conversely manipulating single shots saved as huge raw files rather than the usual jpeg format. Thomas downloaded the software and I was sent into the garden to do an experimental series of shots. Of course, it was pouring with rain all day and we couldn't find the tripod so I wandered around a soggy garden, dragging the green-waste bin as a prop, searching for a break in the clouds. I guess the subject matter didn't matter terribly for the first attempt - we were just trying the software. Now we have achieved the look we can now go on a proper shoot at the weekend. Obviously where the three shot super-imposition method will be great for land or cityscapes, it can't even begin to be considered for an HDR shot of Anna or Léon - they don't even stay still when asleep, so once we've got to grips with super-imposing, we'll try a raw shot or two on the babies in a few weeks time! Can't wait!

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