Sunday, September 21, 2008


A spotty back
Léon's always been a wee bit of a worry healthwise. First it was the scare we had in New York, then the chicken pox and the fall out of that that left him on an asthma inhaler for a year and this year his little face cysts.
Well, during dinner the other night Marcel (sitting next to Pudge), remarked What's that on Léon's arm? We took off his clothes to find he was suddenly covered in red lumps. Though this was obviously just an allergic reaction treated easily over 24 hours with piriton, I have no idea what he is allergic to, given he was eating and drinking things he'd had often in his life when the lumps appeared... What will it turn out to be this time?
I'm glad breastfeeding supposedly protects against all this stuff...? Given I breastfed him 22 months, I shudder to think what state he'd have been in otherwise!

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The Scudder said...

Maybe his skin is just very sensitive ,,, ?