Monday, September 08, 2008


I, as you know, love to take photos. I then love to edit my photos to the picture I had in my head when I took it - trimming bits, bringing out some specific aspects of the photo, adding or removing colour, tidying things up, removing a spot of chocolate from the end of a child's nose...whatever. If I uploaded all my photos and came home to find Thomas had edited them all I'd probably faint in shock or horror. I know he'd do it well but he'd do it differently. They are my works of art, no one else's. They are in my head and they are very personal.
These are my parents. There is one thing I find really odd about my parents... My dad likes to take photos too... but he leaves them in the camera - he would probably leave them there forever if mum didn't stick them on their computer and edit all his photos. Dad doesn't edit ever. Mum doesn't take photos ever - it is like they make up one photographer between them - weird... how can she know what he wanted the photo to look like? She must because he seems happy enough with the result.
It'd drive me batty though!

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