Friday, April 04, 2008


Léon was given an asthma inhaler when he was hospitalized after developing respiratory problems as a result of a severe dose of chicken pox in May 2007. Léon had previously been in hospital in October of 2006 with a suspected kidney virus. Between the autumn of 06 and the spring of 07, Léon suffered numerous chest infections and was generally unwell. All the time he had a bad cold at the very least. He lost his happy personality and sat depressed as if waiting for the next illness to strike at any time. He was so used to being sick that he was a master at blowing his nose, a feat many toddlers have a real problem with at 18 months. After starting on the inhaler his health improved in leaps and bounds. He hasn't had a single infection. He is back to his happy self but he has also not had a single cold since last June until this week. When it struck, I realized he has completely forgotten how to blow his nose. He's spent most of the week running up to me shouting 'Nénaw has a yucky nose!' but has no idea how to stop it running. I guess unlearning nose-blowing has to be the only downside of the asthma inhaler. Next week he is meant to try coming off the inhaler for the first time in 11 months. It'll be interesting to see how that trial goes.

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