Thursday, September 18, 2008


I was wanting to blog how much I hate carpets, when I came across this photo - isn't that pretty? Well worth seeing, maybe Thomas will take me some time - he likes Brussels. I digress... I hate carpets. I have never lived in a house with a carpet (since I left home). Every house I have bought has had carpets but I have always sanded the floors, laminated the floors or whatever. Carpets and babies don't mix - they dribble, they shit, they vomit. Carpets and toddlers don't mix - they potty train, they crayon, they spill juice. Carpets and school kids (in Scotland) don't mix - they play sports in the rain and mud. Carpets in the dining room should, to my mind be a criminal offence. For a year now we have owned a house carpeted in 7 of the rooms in the same pale beige disaster - if I could afford to do anything to the this house, the first thing would be to refloor it in wood. So far we have got rid of it in 2 rooms but until the living room and dining room are done I will be miserable. Now with my Dyson dead in a corner, I feel the carpet crunching beneath my feet every time I walk, and every meal is followed by me crawling around on all four trying to capture the fallout in a dustpan. Surely if there was a God, he'd let me win just enough on the lottery to refloor my downstairs!?

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Trine said...

Buy a dog. It'll eat all the crumbs etc. after meals.

Ellen has just started eating with us, and she drops everything. Siri is a quick learner when it comes to food, so she lies at attention at Ellens feet.

And I agree - I perfer wooden floors. My parents had a really long haird carpet once. I lost a tooth in it - we never found it!