Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I mean how hard can it be???? Fair enough - predicting the weather 10 days from now might be borderline tricky, but when you are talking about tonight overnight or tomorrow morning it really can't be that hard, can it?

I am having my garage (that's the broken, ugly big garden hut in the photo) demolished today and replaced by a real garage. You know - one where when you park the baby's buggy in it overnight it doesn't disintegrate, eaten by mould.

Anyway I checked the weather forecast when I was tidying it out on Saturday and it told me I'd have a whole week of sun. Sceptical, I checked it again last night at 6pm, given I have left 2 wooden bookcases in the garden for the 2 days the reconstruction is meant to take. They were still offering me 5 dry days. What luck!

So what the hell is that falling from the sky this morning when I open the blinds???? Am I seeing things? It is bloody raining. I go on to BBC weather and it assures me it is currently dry - silly me, what was I worrying about?

Now, I write dictionaries for a living. If I spell all the words wrong, I get fired. Why do these useless gits get away with getting it wrong every day?... Hmmmm that's a thought. I wonder if meteorology pays well? I'm sure I could do it just as poorly as them and from home with no need for childcare costs. I'm away to send my CV to the BBC...


Harry Campbell said...

"Now, I write dicitonaries for a living. If I spell all the words wrong, I get fired."

Hmm, sutble joke there!

Phyl said...

hahaha - oops, very sutble indeed!