Tuesday, September 16, 2008


The kids came home from school the other week with a leaflet from East Renfrewshire council child psychology department saying they were running some free Parenting Workshops. Given the world has changed a little since I was a teenager, I thought it might be a wise move to sign up for some free advice to keep Marcel, in particular, as he is the oldest, on the straight and narrow as life throws some new challenges at him. Thomas decided to come too. We went to all the hassle of arranging babysitters on a week night and dashing out just 15 minutes after Thomas comes home from work to a 2 hour session. The psychologist told us straight out he would offer no advice and give no opinions, he was just there as a facilitator. The course basically consisted of couples being split up, so they were no longer discussing relevant kids, but instead were discussing child management with a stranger who randomly had a kid of a completely different age. Given we received a course book, I am tempted to simply take it to bed and try the role plays and discussions with a more relevant adult about 4 more relevant kids... Let's see how that strategy goes before committing to another dash across the back road to Barrhead in the pouring rain still chewing on my dinner...

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