Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I was just thinking about my last posting about all those little niggly unavoidable fees Ryanair add on leaving people irate. They really are quite shortsighted. They gave me a fare of £1 return, added £8 to check in, £16 to take an infant, £8 for the infant to check in, £8 per hold bag and an £8 credit card fee each for me and the baby plus £30ish in taxes. So the total bill £87 for 2 returns to Denmark. By the time I had ticked every possible box and failed to save all these £8 fees I was seething. But I am of the pre-Ryanair generation. I remember the old days when flying to Frankfurt BA cost £500 per person and you had to go via Heathrow. If I had simply logged onto Ryanair's page, keyed in I wanted 2 tickets to Denmark and it gave me a final price of £87, I'd feel that was more than reasonable and would probably recommend them to all my friends. Moreover, if I could then tick boxes saying I didn't want to bring a bag for example or I didn't want to check in in the airport and I then saw bill drop by £8 a time, I'd be jumping with joy. I'd love them. I really don't think the people behind Ryanair understand human psychology very well. By showing a tiny price initially then inflating it at every line you annoy people even if the final bill is completely reasonable.
Silly buggers.
ps I'll shut up about Ryanair now, I think I've exhausted the topic for the moment! (Sigh of relief)

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