Tuesday, September 09, 2008


I like this bit best!
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I love my Dyson vacuum cleaner. I know that makes me sad but with 4 kids and a big house, it is a necessary member of the family. Thomas has an annoying cylinder hoover that couldn't suck a baked bean off the carpet if its life depended on it. I hate Thomas's hoover! It'll be vaguely passable once we've replaced the hideous carpets in this house with wooden floors, but in the meantime only my Dyson can cope... or rather only my Dyson could cope till yesterday when the engine on it started making an ear-piercingly shrill squeal every time it attempted to suck up the post-Anna dinner mess. For now, it is still sucking perfectly but I have an ominous feeling about it. I also have a vague notion there is a burning smell coming from its insides. I am scared it can only be a matter of days until it blows up after nearly 10 years hard work :-(

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