Friday, September 05, 2008


Let's take one each...
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I have always believed people only see what they want to see when it comes to kids. For example, when Marcel was small I would take him out shopping and mum's friends would say He's so like your dad. I would take him to France and people would tell me he was my late father-in-law's double. Does that mean André's dad looked like mine (they were very different)...?
Today I was in Yorkhill hospital. A nurse was taking a blood sample from Léon. She read his notes: Léon Gautier - wow what a lovely name - it sounds like a film star, she said. What's his sister's name? she asked pointing at Anna, who was along for the ride.
Anna I replied
Quick as a flash she said Anna Gautier - that's lovely. They are so gorgeous, and sooo alike - but not like you - are they like their dad? Hmmm technically yes - Pudge, though not very André-like is a definite Gautier, a bit like André's brother Claudi with his pale eyes and Anna is Thomas's double... I didn't bother explaining the ins and outs so smiled and replied that they were indeed.

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