Thursday, August 15, 2013

Wine caps

My old Gramps liked a drink. One of his most annoying habits was sneaking a wee mouthful out of dad's whisky after everyone was in bed and topping it up with water so no one would notice (or so he thought). Obviously this irked dad somewhat, especially when he opted for his dearest malt. If you had him for a week's holiday, the malt was almost transparent by the Friday! Occasionally, of course, he could slip up - it didn't work with Pernod, for instance!

Thomas has taken to making his own alcohol. First it was beer, then cider and finally wine. To make it as authentic as possible he bought a corker and some little plasticky caps for the top. You put them on loosely and then you put them in boiling water to shrink them on. Helping Thomas to attach them the other night, Gramps immediately popped into my mind. If these had been available in his day Gramps could easily have emptied dad's entire wine rack and refilled them all with coloured water without being caught. Dad would have been livid!

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