Saturday, August 24, 2013

Demolishing my old high school

Over the last year or two tens of millions of pounds have been poured into building a new high school to replace the one I attended as a teenager. The new one has been ready for months and looks great but when they started bulldozing the place where all my memories lie, I felt strangely compelled to visit daily and watch as they pulled it apart brick by brick.

In all it only took about three weeks to take apart and recycle the place where I learnt who I was and what I would grow up to be. Three weeks to remove the building where I learnt how to speak French and German, and where I sat the exams which led to me becoming the first member of my family to go to 
university and get a degree. Everything that I have become can be traced back to that building... It was through school that I met my first husband and thanks to the French we spoke together that I got my job writing French dictionaries, where I would later meet my second husband. All my kids indirectly owe their existence to this place! 

The new one has now opened with the old name and only minor changes to the uniform. Marcel has some friends who attend it and they are all raving about the 21st century facilities but to me this decrepit old building is much more dear to me than any million pound building. At least that tall tree is still there in the background watching over it as a landmark of my past.

Have a look here.

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