Sunday, August 04, 2013

NTS and Historic Scotland

I've been NTS member for as long as I can remember and I definitely think it gives value for money but yesterday I decided to join Historic Scotland - after all one set of entrance tickets for a venue costs almost the same for a family this size as an annual membership! I've long ranted that many venues - such as cinemas, the science centre, safari parks, zoos etc like to penalise large families. After all, whether you have no kids or five, you still only have two adult salaries to support them. Often so-called family tickets are on offer but they like to define a family as one adult with three kids or two with two. (Are you simply more likely to be divorced once you have three?!) Anyway, one of the things I liked about NTS all these years is that they define a family as (one or) two plus four so paying one extra in is not prohibitive but yesterday Historic Scotland jumped right up to the top of my favourite list. A family is either one adult with all their kids or two adults with all their kids! What a breath of fresh air. I am allowed to take my kids into Stirling Castle without having to say sorry, we have to leave half of you at home. (As it happened Marcel was out anyway yesterday). So they are getting an even bigger thumbs up from me for acknowledging that my kids deserve to have a fun day out like anyone else. Thanks!

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