Monday, August 26, 2013

My gran

A good friend posted a photo on facebook this weekend of something that brought memories of my granny flooding back! Thanks for that Karen!

What was it? Well we lived in Scotland which is a very a rather wet place, and gran had very curly hair that she liked to tame with over-sized rollers. I found that rather confusing as a child with poker straight hair. She always used to claim she needed to use rollers to straighten her hair after washing it, but it seemed to have the opposite effect when she put them in my hair! Anyway, because she went to such trouble with her hair, she couldn't contemplate being caught in a shower and having all that good work undone. She used to have several rainmates about her at all times - one in her bag, one in each pocket etc. That of course meant that when we were caught in a shower together she always had a spare and insisted on putting one on me... walking home from school in a rainmate does nothing for your self-esteem in early childhood! Worse still Gran never learned to drive so we were always on foot when we were caught in rain! Even at fifteen or so she'd try to get me into one. I always tried to make sure we shopped away from anywhere my school friends might potentially bump into us!

It's strange - looking through old photos, I have none of Granny in a rainmate - I guess I would have had one or two had she survived into the digital era!

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