Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Washing-up anthems

We have a chores rota in our kitchen. All kids get to cook, they all get to set the table, the three oldest get to fill the dishwasher and the two oldest get to tidy the kitchen once the dishes finish. Basically Anna and Amaia aren't tall enough to put the dishes away yet and only Marcel and Lots are still up when the kitchen needs tidying. Anyway, it isn't what they do but how they choose to do it that I find fascinating. They are all into listening to music on the ipod while working and the music they choose for table setting and cooking is quite varied but all three have specific music they listen to only while doing dishes as if they associate that with getting through what is their least favourite task. Marcel alternates between Jacques Brel and Paolo Nutini for dishes. Léon always opts for some foul-mouthed rapper whose name I forget, though he would never listen to him while cooking or playing, and worse still only one specific tune can be used for dishes played on repeat! Lots, who is usually into One Direction, Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift always listens to the soundtrack of Lion King 1 for dishes. It's all very odd...

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