Friday, August 23, 2013

Hamster accessories - a warning

I haven't had a hamster before. When we decided to get her, we bought one of the largest cages on offer. In addition to that we bought the only wheel available at the local pet supply shop, some tubes, a litter box and a little house. Within two months of us buying all this, our wee hamster had outgrown all of it. She didn't fit through the tubes any more. Had she tried running on the wheel, she's have snapped her spine and she could not squeeze through the door of her wee house. (No, Rosie is not an exceptionally large monster hamster, before you ask!) 

These items are not marketed as baby hamster products, merely hamster products. In addition pet stores don't actually stock anything bigger. I had to go on the Internet to find a wheel that wouldn't cripple her. I can understand if the pet shops offered both, but they don't.

Maybe it's a marketing ploy to have us believe hamsters stay tiny, but they don't so squeezing them into tiny cages where none of the accessories fit is cruelly undesirable. So if you, like me, are contemplating your first hamster, try looking on somewhere like Zooplus  instead of being duped into buying one of those tiny (and temporary) hamster torture chambers on offer locally.

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