Saturday, March 09, 2013

Unionist media

The Unionist bias in the Scottish press is really starting to irk me. Let's take this morning's little gem of a message at face value. Imagine you are a parent of a bright fifteen year old boy. I suggest that because I am. We are at that point in Marcel's life where we have to recommend which subjects he should study for Higher and what uni he might go to. Going on the Herald's logic this morning I should obviously be saying to him: " Please keep your job as a paper boy when you grow up rather than going to uni to study to become a doctor because if you earn as much as a doctor later in life, you'll have to pay the state much more in tax, because you will be so much better off". How many parents would recommend that to their straight-A student?

So we're too poor to be independent because it would make us the third richest EU country above Scandinavia etc. It's time they cut the crap.

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