Saturday, March 30, 2013

Big kids/little kids

I noticed the other day when I happened to see Léon and Marcel having a conversation standing in the doorway that there is a huge difference in height between them. There are eight years and eight weeks between them. But when I think about it, Marcel has been this height for a couple of years now. In fact Marcel overtook me in the summer after he left primary school, just before he turned 12. It is hard to believe my little Léon has the potential to be chatting eye to eye with his big brother in just five or six years time.

The difference between three and thirteen is also enormous. But again Charlotte slowed down a couple of years ago so in no time at all her favourite baby could be looking down on her. It will be strange to watch who reaches what height.

I guess if I had to predict based on who was biggest as a baby and who grew out of which clothes sizes first, I would plump for my kids ending up tallest to smallest as Marcel, Léon, Amaia, Anna, Charlotte, but only time will tell. I'll be back with an update around 2022 to see if I am correct!

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