Monday, March 04, 2013

Just a thought...

While we are on the topic of things I can't relate to at all... I have to say I see a gulf developing between Scottish and English politics. The things that, according to the press, and recent elections down south, are preoccupying the Southern Englanders are unimaginably alien to me. They seem to be voting UKIP because the Tories with their obsession with referenda on exiting the European Union, with their student fees, their pseudo-privatization of the NHS and their failure to notice the recession because it is outside London, are too far to the left for their liking. When I look to our European neighbours I see thoughts much more similar to mine and those of my fellow Scots. How can a country so diverse ever be successfully governed by one parliament? In a way it feels as stale as my first marriage did when I walked out. We pull in opposite directions, and have nothing left in common other than the fear of the unknown. Having had the balls to walk out on my marriage, I have found a new life that is much richer and more harmonious. I am in a partnership that is mutually beneficial. We pull in the same direction with similar goals and interests. If I had stayed, my old life would have suffocated me.

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