Monday, March 18, 2013

Hereditary numptiness

Well what do you know - it's hereditary! What? The spacial geometry gene :-(

Anna started school in August. I had been a wee bit concerned knowing she missed the cut-off point for the following year by twelve days. I worried about my wee young Anna struggling. It needn't have. She's in the top group for everything, reading fluently, calculating additions and subtractions up to thirty in her head without using fingers, starting to pick up on times tables from Léon's homework - I needn't go on. But then today she was given a drawing of half a crown and asked to draw it other half symmetrically. Marcel, Charlotte and Léon could have done this in their sleep at this age. Anna stared at it for twenty minutes as if confronted with some Arabic to translate without having studied it. She the carefully drew the same half again, not its mirror image. So the question is - did she get it from Thomas's floor-laying skills or from Pumpa's cornicing extravaganza?

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