Sunday, March 31, 2013

Calendar time again!

I was skimming it to see what this month's funniest faux pas would be. Would it be French this month or German? The language was poor as usual, but nothing caused my jaw to drop open initially. I thought it was going to be too boring to mention, but I should have had faith! Of course they had made a major mistake! There it was at the end of the German... The English tells me to cut my pasta dough into disks and fill them with the mixture. The French tells me (badly) to do the same. The German however has looked up the word disk in a dictionary where the first translation on offer was for the computing sense of disk, so the poor German cook has to fill his or her dough after having cut it into some kind of data storage disks. ROFL! (The rest is, of course, worth a head shake too, if you have the time!)

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