Sunday, March 10, 2013

Standing to eat

When Léon grew out of his high chair he went onto a booster seat. When Anna grew out of her high chair she too went onto a booster. We made the mistake of taking Anna and Léon's boosters away just as Amaia grew out of her high chair. When offered the booster, she of course, took it as a personal insult and refused pointblank to sit on it as she was a 'big girl'! This means that since she was about 18 months, Amaia has been on an adult dining chair. The problem with that is that she originally struggled to see her plate so she took to eating standing. As she's got bigger we have had to remind her over and over to sit to eat. Last week when Thomas was away she was eating standing once more. In an attempt to show her how standing to eat can't really continue indefinitely I had the others stand to show her how ridiculous it will become in time. I'm not sure she saw any issue with it to be honest, but the rest of us had a good laugh, especially at watching Marcel try to reach his plate!

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