Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Put me on the 'naughty' car!

I love it when kids misunderstand language.

Today we were up at ASDA and in a hurry as I had to buy the stuff for Léon's birthday party before picking Léon and some kids up at school. I was running late and had Amaia along with me. As we passed Costa she started shouting excitedly 'Put me on the naughty car!' over and over. I know some people use 'the naughty step' as their method of discipline, but I can't remember using that term in front of my kids ever. If I want them in some sort of timeout, I tend to ask them to go and stand in the porch, but the word 'naughty' has never come into it. If it had been one of my other kids, I'd have assumed they heard it at someone else's house, but Amaia is two and has never been away from me, so I was baffled. And what on earth is a naughty car? I really didn't have time to find out if I was going to make school, so I scooped her into a trolley and legged it. She wasn't pleased.

After shopping, as I ran out, she scooted off round the corner till we got to the Noddy car and relieved, she announced - 'Ahh, the naughty car!' Sweet!

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