Friday, October 26, 2012

Final Gaggia update (for this week anyway)

It returned on schedule (Weds at 5.33pm - not bad - they'd estimated 5.29pm!) First thing to note was that they'd managed to bend the bar on the top. Given it is merely decorative, worse things happen...

On top of my well packed machine was a note of the repairs that had been carried out. It stated that it had been descaled yet again (as if I care - it could probably function ten years in this soft-water area without needing descaling but again worse things happen...) It also mentioned that the damage it had sustained to the steamer in transit last time had been fully repaired and they had uploaded photographic evidence of it working to their system! Now there's an interesting piece of fantasy if you compare it to the reality of my experience in my original posting. So they claim it was working when they shipped it back to me but somehow in transit (inside bubble wrap, inside polystyrene, inside straw, inside a box) knocking it somehow caused the water pipe to disconnect from the espresso outlet and reconnect as if by magic to the internal steamer rod! Now that would be impressive!

Anyway, we have so far managed to make two espressos and one cappuccino with all water coming out of all of the correct outlets so for now I will not complain.

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