Monday, June 25, 2012

Vodka, in a sachet!

My mother has a close friend. Let's call her 'J'. J likes to travel a lot. J also likes vodka quite a lot. When I mentioned mum would be going on holiday this year using Ryanair, J rolled her eyes in her head, in a way many people do, in fact when the world's favourite budget airline is mentioned. She went on to offer mum some Ryanair advice. Given how often they've cropped up on my own rants, I fully expected J would warn mum about their hidden charges, their fines for checking in in the airport, their pedantic measuring and weighing of hand luggage and the likes but no, J had discovered a much worse crime. 'You have to order the wine, Ann!' she implored, 'Isn't that right Phyl?' I pointed out that I am always either flying towards picking up a hire car or back to pick up my own in the long-stay car park so don't buy alcohol on Ryanair. I thought J was going to pass out on the spot 'You fly without alcohol?' she said completely in disbelief! Anyway, not deterred J carried on. 'Ann, you just have to go for the wine - it comes in bottles, I once bought a vodka on a Ryanair flight and it came in a ... oh I can hardly bring myself to say it, it came in a sachet! And when I ripped the top, the pressure of holding it made it all pour down me and I had to spend the flight sucking it out of my t-shirt. Can you imagine? - oh the waste!' She sat shaking her head and finally muttered - 'And to cap it all, it contained less than a miniature!'

I have to say, J's view of the world always brings a smile to my face!

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