Thursday, June 28, 2012

Last day of primary

It's a sweet custom. I don't know when it started but they didn't do it in my day! I'd have been hung out to dry if I'd come home from school in that state! But nowadays the last day of primary school is spent having the kids and teachers in your school sign your t-shirt, then proudly walking through town in it (even in the rain!) Lots decided to have two signed and given Anna left nursery yesterday, she got to wear the other one to signify she too was moving onwards and upwards.

Anna was particularly thrilled to be asked to sign Lots's t-shirt too - it definitely made her feel quite grown-up. They were as thick as thieves today, the two of them.

It is hard though to watch them both move onto the next stage of their lives without their beloved Pumpa there to see them. I so hoped he'd hang on long enough to see Lots's dance last week. It would have given him an insight into the woman she will one day become. Life will be filled with these bitter-sweet moments from now on.

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