Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Absolute genius!

Every so often you come across an idea so simple you wonder why it hasn't been done before, so genius you wish you'd had it first. I came across it in Tesco at the weekend. When you have four school-age kids all wearing grey socks as part of their uniform but in (UK) sizes small 9, small 12.5, adult 3 and adult 9, you become absolutely demented after a wash trying to pair socks and then work out whose are whose. I had even taken to only washing one child's clothes at a time as the only way of getting round this issue. Tesco - I love you! Tesco has started printing the size of its school socks on the inside of the elastic at the tops of the socks. Genius! I take my hat off to them! Praise the restoration of my sanity!


Trine said...

The socks I buy for the kids (Bilka/Føtex) have the size wowen into them under the sole. But it is a really great idea!

Phyl said...

We have that on 'GAP' baby socks here but they only go up to age two.