Monday, June 11, 2012

Oops - how was I to know?

So there I was pottering around the kitchen when the theme from Harry Potter began to play on my mobile.
Hello? I asked - it was marked 'withheld'. A half Indian, half Scottish accent replied 'I am looking to speak with Mr Phyllis Buchanan'. He sounded young - 15ish, he sounded like a Scottish kid trying to pretend to be foreign... So I replied 'Ok - are you Marcel's friend or Charlotte's?' He replied again 'I am looking to speak with Mr Phyllis Buchanan'. I replied 'Sure you are, I don't have time for this!' and hung up. It rang again. The same voice replied 'This is Fred again, from ebay support!' 'Fred?' I replied 'Gimme a break, goodbye Fred!' 

I came back to my computer. Five minutes later an email message popped up in my inbox from 'Fred' at ebay customer support!

OMG! I am embarrassed!

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