Thursday, June 28, 2012

Another anecdote from 'J'!

'J' has been round for another coffee - or rather glass of wine with mother. After her last story, I had to share this with you!

J's husband's parents are buried in a little cemetery in a village somewhere in England. J and her husband don't visit it very often. After a break of ten years they went to visit. They found the headstone was somewhat grubby and in need of a little tlc. J's husband knew a local undertaker so went round to offer him the job of taking care of it. He tried to explain where plot was. The undertaker wasn't 100% sure where he meant so asked him to show him. They jumped into his  hearse together to drive across town to the graveyard. There wasn't a seat for J so the undertaker suggested to J that she sit in the back as it was a quick trip. J has a wicked sense of humour. J thought it'd be fun to lie in the back of the hearse as if she was simply missing her coffin! That was disconcerting enough for passing cars, she said, but to cap it all she thought it might be fun at traffic lights to sit up slowly and wave to passers-by!

I guess you can choose to be dignified in your older years, or on the other hand, choose to have the time of your life! I think I'm going to have her round for coffee once a week!

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