Saturday, June 16, 2012

A black and white world

I was discussing 70s wallpaper today with my niece in France. I remembered some of the horrors we'd had in my home as a childhood so went looking for a picture. Unfortunately, it being the 70s, all my photos were in black and white. I uploaded it anyway to show her the pattern. Anna and Léon noticed it on facebook and  it caused amusing questions from both... First came Anna's take on it 'Mummy, didn't they have coloured-in photos when you were little?' I thought this was an awfully sweet way to describe the concept of colour photography. Léon was a bit deeper... 'Mummy the bear in that photo is blue nowadays, I know because it is mine. So when this photo was taken was it still blue or was it grey back then? In fact was colour added to the world after these photos were taken or did it just not show up on photos back then but the world was actually colourful, even when you were wee?' Good questions, though I have to say they make me feel somewhat old!

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