Wednesday, September 23, 2009


As I mentioned
when Marcel started high school last month, dealing with a bilingual child isn't easy when the second language spoken by the child is one that the school teaches at beginner's level. Marcel's school has taken him out of all beginner's French lessons now and he has one-to-one tutoring with both a French native speaker teacher and with a fellow pupil who is in 6th year studying for her advanced higher. They have now assessed his spoken French by interviewing him several times in French but to get a real feel for his language level they are making him sit mock Intermediate exams over the next few weeks. Yesterday he scored 100% on his first attempt at an Intermediate 1 so next week he's getting to try Intermediate 2. Given Marcel is bilingual (surprisingly) largely because of me and not because of his father who, not being linguistically minded has never seen the need to speak to him constantly in French, I have to say I'm feeling very proud today :-)

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AnneeApple said...

...and so you should! Well Done! x