Monday, September 28, 2009


My dad came by yesterday and told me a story that nearly made me fall off my seat in shock.
Why does no one ever stop and question the crazy world we live in any more?
I remember even when I was an oldish kid going into the electrical repair shop in Great Western Road to have things repaired - there were irons, TVs, VCRs, a lawnmower too I think. When thing broke down, we had them repaired. You would think in this day and age, that would be an even more sensible thing to do with all the drive towards recycling... but apparently not.
Mum and Dad had a new kitchen installed in April or May. As part of their kitchen, they had a new integrated microwave fitted. They were surprised last week, when after only four months the internal light bulb in the microwave blew. They opened it to change it, but found no obvious way into the light bulb compartment. They phoned the supplier (B&Q) and asked how to change the bulb. Oh you can't change the bulbs on those, Sir, came the reply. Don't worry, you're under guarantee, we'll just order you up a new microwave from our Spanish supplier, have it flown over and refitted free of charge, and we'll dispose of the faulty one. What???? Or as Manuel would say ¿QuĂ©? They are going to bin a brand-new, working microwave that cost several hundred pounds because the light bulb popped??? Truly absurd!


Unknown said...

Oops, the light bulb just popped in the bathroom, dear! Can we have a new house?

The Scudder said...

Hahahahahaa .,., hey, if you get one then I want one too !!
I've seen one I like in Old Humbie Rd :0)

peter said...

truly unbelievable