Friday, September 11, 2009


Because Charlotte is physically smaller than Marcel, he often forgets how sharp she can be. This usually results in him looking dumbfounded when she outwits him at his own game. Last Sunday night he decided to put her down, still reveling in his new found status of high school pupil... Oh I can't imagine going to Kirkhill tomorrow he said to Lots in a scathing tone. spending all day up to your knees in midgets! He smiled, very pleased with his cheek... Of course quicker than a flash, she retorted No, now you are one of the midgets in your school! She smirked, as he tramped upstairs in disgust! Why does he always leave himself wiiiide open with her?


Harry Campbell said...

Ahem... Surely a letter I in there. It's quite a different action that ends in -bating.

Harry Campbell said...

Or a letter i, since this stupid default font makes cap i and lower-case l look so similar.