Tuesday, September 08, 2009


I have just been reading this and wondering if this will be Anna in a few years time? A couple of years ago when I last blogged about shoes, Anna was a mere bean in the oven and as none of my kids had ever shown the slightest interest in shoes (like myself), I had reason to believe that shoe-love was a hereditary condition we were not affected by... wrong! :-( Anna is obsessed with shoes! My shoes, Marcel's shoes, Léon's shoes - anyone's but most importantly her own. Often I am woken up by her standing beside my bed holding her shoes saying 'Fwooo'. I point out I can't fit her 'fwooos' on on top of her babygro and her little face crumples in distress until I remove the PJs to put on the shoes, which she wants to wear all day long, indoors and out. Whereas my other kids have each had one, or at the most two pairs of decent shoes till now, Anna is the type of child you have to buy mediocre shoes for because she wants to own a minimum of five pairs to choose from. She currently has pink flower shoes from Tesco, white trainers from Tesco, cheap blue wellies, denim sandles from Clarks and sparkly black Primark tennis shoes but would be more than happy with a few other pairs in various shades to add to the list. I can just imagine her in stilettos by the time she goes to high school, towering above me as I lecture her on the merits of flat, comfortable shoes :-(

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