Saturday, September 26, 2009


Tesco CN54AEG
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I recently tried to buy a T-shirt for Marcel while out shopping at Govan ASDA. I had no problem finding the baby clothes section, the young childrens' clothes and finally the older children. In fact I could easily have clothed any of my kids up to about 12 years old. Marcel however is in age 13-14 clothes. When I asked for the clothes for older children, I was told that he would need small adult clothes. That made sense so I got him a T-shirt and didn't think another thing about it.
Yesterday, with the weather getting colder, I suggested to Marcel he needed a pair of jeans (he's been in three quarter length trousers all summer). I happened to be in Tesco rather than ASDA. Marcel went to see if they had small adult jeans. Luckily for us, they didn't but I was sent to the kids' department where their clothing went right up to 15. Then it hit me... Of course! Kids' clothes in the UK come without VAT, adult ones don't. Suddenly I realized why ASDA stops kiddie clothing before they even get to high school. Cheeky buggers!

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