Sunday, September 06, 2009


I don't usually use the blog to advertise but here's some advice to anyone out there who is thinking of having any babies... Given I am experienced enough to know what I am talking about, I thought I'd mention that in all the years I have spent pregnant I have found there is actually only one comfortable model of maternity trousers on the market in the UK. In general you find you either get loose things that fall down and you miserably spend the whole day pulling back up for fear of exposing your whale-like midriff, or you get tight things that dig into you and make you want to spend the day in your dressing gown. Of course there are hideous jogging bottoms but you feel frumpy enough without donning a shellsuit for six months. So here is a link to your salvation! These are tight enough they don't fall down, soft enough they dig in nowhere, the waist doubles over so you get support for your aching belly and your nagging back. Unless you are due mid-summer, I suggest a couple of pairs of these are a must for anyone wanting to enjoy their pregnancy!

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The Scudder said...

I take it you've negotiated an advertising % with Next for your good work ?
What ? NO you haven't ??
Numpty .,., did living with me all these years teach you nothing ?