Thursday, September 17, 2009


What were the SNP trying to do with this new piece of nonsense they brought in on September 1?
Apparently it is now illegal to buy alcohol in Scotland in your local supermarket between 10pm and 10am. I can just about get the 10pm bit as that always was the cut-off but the 10am bit puzzles me. If you have a serious drink problem, you will still be unconscious from the night before at 10am so I can only assume the new law is aimed at pissing off anyone who takes the opportunity to buy their dinner on the way past ASDA when doing the school run. If I am out already at 8-30am to drop kids at school an obvious time to pick up some steaks is once I've offloaded all the little people. I do not however want to sit in my car in ASDA car park from 9-10am just so I can buy the wine to go with them at the same time. I wish the SNP would take their annoying, parochial, wee-free ideas back up north and leave us lowlanders in peace.

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AnneeApple said...

Growing up in the East End of Glasgow, then I can understand the 10am new law.

The 'alchies' who all hang out together usually get their giro / benefit money on different days so they all take turns in buying the booze in. So on giro day they are up at the crack of dawn to get to the post office and then straight to the offie!

I also witnessed this ritual when I worked in retail - they'd be queueing at the door at 8am to come in and buy their booze.

It's a shame us 'normals' have to suffer as I often liked to shop around 8.30am before I went to work and now I'd have to make a trip back to buy any wine!