Tuesday, October 08, 2013

The queen of drama

Since Anna was seventeen months old both mummy and daddy have worked from home. Anna feels very safe in the knowledge that both her parents and her four siblings are always on hand.

I was picking her up from Sunbeams on Monday night and she was recounting how wonderful Friday was going to be: 'I get to stay off school for the holiday and in the afternoon Jayden is having his birthday party. After that I am going to have dinner with Alice and our friend Eva is coming too, I'm so happy!'
At this point I took the opportunity to tell her Thomas was nipping over to Denmark for a long weekend conference: 'That'll make up for Daddy being away...'
She looked at me in utter horror: 'Daddy is going away?'
'Yes', I replied 'to Denmark for four days.'
'Without me?' (sob, shriek)
Not convinced she'd done her best to avert his departure, she suddenly flung her arms wildly in the air and proclaimed: 'He just can't! If he abandons me for four nights and you read us our night, night stories I'll forget every single word of Danish I ever knew and then where will I be?'
Talk about over-dramatic! Every single word of Danish you've ever known?! He's spent all day every day for nearly six years speaking only Danish to the kids but she can't be left for four days! Give me strength! Some future partner is going to have their work cut out for them with this one

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