Sunday, October 13, 2013

Life lessons

I've been a parent now for sixteen years. I've had five kids. Surely there's nothing I don't know about little kids?... Don't get cocky now!

So there I was working this morning and I thought I would kill two birds with one stone. 'Can you run a bath Anna, for you and Amaia and I'll just finish this work while it's filling?' What could possibly go wrong? I often turn it on and have them supervise it filling. She knew the temperature to make it, which tap to use, and to put in the plug - there was just that tiny matter of the bubble bath. It said on it to use a capful (approx 15ml) so can you even begin to imagine how many bubbles there are all over the bathroom when the five year old takes an educated guess at how much you need and plumps for say 800ml, give or take a capful! The bath was full, the sink was full the floor was covered. And the more you tried to wash it away, the more bubbles were created! Fun, fun, fun! Five minutes more and it would have oozed out from under the door and reached the bedroom.

So much for trying to multitask!

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