Tuesday, October 08, 2013

The digital age is not working for me

I'm quite computer and smart-phone-oriented.

Until this term I have written all school appointments and dates to note on my kitchen calendar but this year I decided to be clever. I opened up my Google calendar and keyed in every single appointment for a year. Now I'm organised...

I am discovering three issues with this however... Having set my calendar to email me half an hour before each appointment (having cunningly upgraded from the recommended 10 minutes) means I find myself in Glasgow and suddenly I get an email that I am meant to be in school with no time to get there. (So half an hour was a bad idea. Any more and I'd forget, mind you!) Also I get so many emails in a day I often ignore them (other than work ones which stream into a different address) till I go to bed after midnight. And finally the rest of the family also use my kitchen calendar system so now it doesn't say 'Marcel Orthodontist' Marcel doesn't remember to go!

So what's inspired this rant this morning? I dropped the wee ones at school. Léon needs a haircut but we're leaving it till the October week when we have more time. He has that' young boy with thick hair who's just woken up' look. (Not unlike Boris Johnson, as a friend pointed out!) He also had mash on his tie from last night so I noted as he went out that we should probably wash that later today. Anna was in a rush so I pulled her hair back rather severely in one bobble and threw them into the playground. So what use was that email at 9-30am saying 'Primary school photograph day 10am-noon'? 

Ho hum.... Think I'll go back to paper.

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