Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Teenage fun

Charlotte and one of her best friends, Aymen, were in Blackpool yesterday for the day. Having gone in to Starbucks for a drink, they were asked for their names. Charlotte asked why and they told them it was so they could write them on their drinks so that once they were ready they could call them. Aymen went first, telling them she was 'Loquitia' - a little flustered, the poor barista attempted that on the first cup. After all, it would be rude to insinuate they were making it up and some kids do have weird names these days, and it isn't their fault. Charlotte, who is a bit of a shrinking violet and who doesn't like to do anything outrageous or out of the ordinary, stunned her friend when she was asked with 'My name is Shaniqua!' The poor woman struggled with that too while the two giggly teenagers waited on their coffees. It's nice to see Charlotte starting to come out of her shell!

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