Sunday, June 23, 2013

A slight misunderstanding

Oh dear - it seems Amaia got a different end of the stick from the rest of us. We've been building this new hamster cage for a month now out of an Ikea Expedit. We were making a bigger one because she'd outgrown the one we'd bought when she was a baby. Finally this week we got in all her furniture and sawdust and moved her over, so we popped her in and she happily ran about having a ball.

Then yesterday Thomas got round to taking apart her old cage and washing it out. Of course, this is so she can go on holiday to auntie Linda's house if we should ever win enough on the lotto to drag the seven of us away to the sun.

Amaia, on the other hand, had got it into her head though that it was because we needed it... for another baby hamster. Hmmm... Not only had she decided this completely independently, but she'd also imagined this one would be a baby boy hamster who would be called Humphrey and would one day become Rosie's boyfriend! There seems to be quite a lot of assumption involved!

So her little face dropped somewhat when she bounced in and asked if today was the day we were picking up Humphrey and we all looked blank!

Nice try, Amaia!

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