Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ornamental lovage?

So I tried the lovage and potato soup I mentioned the other night...

Charlotte went first: This is quite nice, apart from that herby flavour and smell.
Then Marcel sat down, he ate about three spoonfuls: I can't eat this mum, that herb tastes bloody awful!
Amaia picked up her spoon, put it down and said: I'll just have bread and butter!
Thomas decided that it was just about passable but needed: a bit less lovage. (That kind of defeats the purpose!)
I ate it but to be honest it'd have been nicer with leek or parsley or something else.
Léon and Anna were out for dinner tonight so I'm pinning all my hopes on them - failing that I guess we have a six foot ornamental lovage plant in our herb patch if anyone wants a cutting?

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