Sunday, June 16, 2013


Thomas planted lovage in our garden four years ago. It was about the size of one of those plastic drinking cups you get with a water cooler. He thought we could use it occasionally for soup. Lovage, like rhubarb seems to be a plant that can cope with the shitty Scottish climate and our lovage plant has this week grown taller even than my 6' husband. So I am in desperate need of lovage recipes. I think I'll give this one a go later in the week. Ideally, looking at my garden I could do with a recipe that needs both lovage and rhubarb... but I'm not sure I will find too many of those!


Trine said...

Use it for pesto:

200g letristede mandler
1 stort bundt bredbladet persille (stilkene vrides af)
Tilsvarende mængde løvstikke også uden store stilke
1 fed hvidløg
100g fast ost (her en rest Primadonna, men parmesan kan også bruges)
Revet skal og saft af en øko citron

Or just grab a handfull and blend it with oil, vinegar and garlic and pour it over some salad.

Phyl said...

ok, I'll give that a go, thanks!